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This Week in Medical Marijuana News 7/29/16

Welcome to our newest feature, where we compile and excerpt some of the more interesting medical marijuana headlines from the past week. Comments are open to discussion! 

TIME Magazine takes a look at the rise of medical marijuana and its potential to reverse the opioid epidemic. 

“If we could use cannabis, which is less addictive and harmful than opioids, to increase the effectiveness of pain treatment, I think it can make a difference during this epidemic of opioid abuse,” says Abrams, who has investigated the effect of cannabis on pain for over a decade. “We are hampered by the fact that it is still difficult to get funding for studies on cannabis as a therapeutic,” he adds.

Miami News published an article this week about a local heiress to a supermarket chain donating $800k to kill Florida’s medical marijuana amendments.

Public records show that billionaire Carol Jenkins Barnett, heiress to the Publix fortune, contributed the large sum to a lobbying group that is currently “spreading lies, half-truths, and misinformation about the proposed law.” One theory is that her motivation may be because “Publix is also one of the largest pharmacies in the South, and legalized medical weed might cut into her family’s prescription-pill business.” Hmm.

People Magazine reports that Montel Williams was detained briefly in Germany for having medical marijuana.

The former talk-show host was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999 and has been a longtime advocate for medical marijuana. Fortunately, he has “a prescription by a world class neurologist specializing in MS,” and the whole situation was resolved in under an hour.

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