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Medical Marijuana in Minnesota

Minnesota’s medical cannabis program began distributing medical cannabis to registered patients on July 1, 2015. Qualifying patients must be enrolled in the medical cannabis patient registry to be eligible to legally purchase and possess medical cannabis. As part of the application process, a patient’s qualifying medical condition must be certified by a health care practitioner; this qualifying medical condition and the patient must be re-evaluated and re-certified by a health care practitioner every year.

There are two different groups of caregivers in the Minnesota medical cannabis program: designated caregivers, and parents or legal guardians acting as caregivers. All caregivers must be enrolled in the patient registry system. A patient’s parent or legal guardian may act as caregiver and be entered in the registry without having to qualify as a designated caregiver. A patient may have both registered designated caregivers and registered parents or legal guardians acting as caregivers. The law permits patient to have a registered designated caregiver if the patient’s health care practitioner certifies that the patient suffers from a developmental or physical disability that prevents the patient from either self-administering the medication or acquiring the medication from a distribution facility. Registered designated caregivers must pass a criminal background check.

Visit the Minnesota Department of Public Health for more information.

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