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Marijuana Caregiver: Forum Posting Guidelines’s Posting Guidelines

All are welcome in our state and national forums. Join the conversation! Keep the below guidelines in mind.

Age & Maturity and our community are serious about providing a place for caregivers, patients, and guests to discuss the beneficial uses of cannabis, current events, industry & technology, and veteran’s issues. Members must be at least 18-21 years old to register, as required by your local, state, and federal laws.

Please use the forum respectfully by using the spell-check that our forum software includes. Please refrain from posting in all capital letters, writing in a style of rAnSom NoTe, excessive use of slang, extra commas, exclamation points, or any other excessive use of other symbols &#!!^. is an Informational Site, Not a Market

Posts relating to the buying/selling/trading/testing/giving of seeds, cones, cannabis, hash, mail order marijuana or any other substances is not permitted. We encourage our users to focus discussion on our forum topics, which are meant to be an informational resource to our valued community.

MMJ Services Caregivers and Dispensaries

Services are expected to comply with our guidelines. Posts relating to substances non-related to cannabis and other beneficial herbal supplements will be deleted.

Caregivers and dispensaries can advertise their products only on their state specific pages. Services are allowed to include important details such as price and availability, but are not permitted to implicate in any transactions by discussing details on any type of exchange within our forums or in private message.

Caregivers and dispensaries are not allowed to discuss their products in the National Forums, as they are dedicated solely to our featured topics, which are listed in all capitals at the top of our forums channels.

Advertising of any kind on our state forums is dedicated solely to our caregivers, and dispensaries. Please do not promote your service if you do not have a caregiver or dispensary listing. We only work with services who are compliant with the law, and who serve to registered patients within their respective state only.

If you are a caregiver who does not already have a listing, click here to learn about our various packages. If you are a dispensary, or another business who is interested in advertising, please get in touch today for more information.

Participation forums are here for you. Use them to discuss the beneficial uses of cannabis and other herbal supplements, veterans, local/national reform, growing, and local information on caregiver/dispensary services. Our website is a place for learning and teaching. Please keep your posts related to our topics. Off-topic and inappropriate posts will be deleted by the moderators.

Our members are dedicated to educating the world on cannabis awareness. We have patients, caregivers, and guests from across the country helping each other by exchanging knowledge. Take advantage of it! Participation is encouraged from all members, whether it be posting, or just reading.


Posting links to other websites is fine as long as it is educational. However, we do not allow users to link to any other cannabis related forums, blogs, communities, or social networks. Commercial and/or promotional links to other websites is not allowed. Our website is dedicated to our community, and our caregivers/dispensaries, and we do not want to take away from them by allowing other promotional clutter to push their posts down. If you have a product or service you think the community would be interested in, please get in touch with us directly for promotional opportunities.

Personal Security

Members should be careful while posting any type of personal information. Our forums are open to the public. is not responsible for any illegal behavior indicated by our users. Please protect yourself by referring to your state laws while writing posts. We have links to caregiver/patient laws in all legal states on each individual state page.

General Rules

All videos, photos, images, and off-site links must be cannabis/hemp or herbal supplement related. Discussion of weapons, blood, gore, death, getting animals high, making BHO/hash oil, and shipping of seeds is prohibited.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email support.

Thanks for your interest.

Enjoy our forums!

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